Meet Angelina Manquero

Ashley Sugarman

We received TONS of submissions for our DK Ambassador Search, (all were #awesome, btw) but one superstar really caught our eye.  Not only is she talented and has a lot of passion, but she has an incredible personality and is a humble, good person.  We felt her inspiring energy and good vibes right away, and that is what DANCEKIT is all about!  Get to know her...

  • Name: Angelina Manquero
  • Age: 11
  • IG: @dancerdoll1
  • I was told I used to copy Shakira's movements when she would perform on TV at a very young age. Because of this, "my hips don't lie" and I have a drive to entertain by performing.
  • Since I come from a small town, I have worked extremely hard for everything I have accomplished so far.
  • I currently dance at Abby's Lee Dance Company as a competitive dancer and plan on pushing myself harder than I have.
  • A funny story about me is that I wear glasses, so I am pretty such blind as a bat. I have trained myself to just see shadows during a group routine and do the best I can without my glasses. Dance turns can be difficult because of my glasses situation, so we are definitely working on contacts this year.



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